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Why Did Mitch Choose Us?

We could make this stuff up (tch! tch!), but just read this chat with Mitch after he decided to buy from cpa!

Hey Mitch,

Paul from cpa. writing, well, typing.
I know I get tons of crappy emails from computerised feedback apps asking me this, but this is just me asking...
You could have picked this cylinder kit from 5 or 6 different places. I was interested as to why you picked our store.
Just might help me figure out how to sell more parts.
Thats all.

paul cpa.

Hey Hi Paul
A few reasons yes I could of save maybe $50.00 on other kits ...... You are in Australia even though part are made oversea you email back each time, so if something is not not right I hope by talking with a Aussie I will get a good out come, the guy I know at District Hire had used your Kits in past a said they were fine..... and lastly you offed to throw in auto decomp value so I did not need to go off looking around.

Thanks look forward to getting parts and then getting the old saw back to life.

Regards Mitch.

We get thousands of these every year, some short, some funny, some nasty (but not many!). paul cpa